Norris Green News

My project is called Norris Green News NGN that is a project I have started off on my own. My project is a newspaper to rid the community of Norris Green of its bad press and change the stereotypical view portrayed on Norris green to a positive lime light that people feel safe in. This is a project that I want to not only not consider them thoughts but banish them completely. Norris Green News is helped by local councillors and youth attenders that make it a huge success and I am the Editor of this magnificent project that will be a great success. Norris Green News provides positive news around the area and some great events to look forward to. It also helps various young journalists reach their abilities and achievements to the highest of their abilities when they write in and we display their articles about the area. Now I could go on for the next 988 characters but I am hoping the project speaks for itself and if this is called awesome Liverpool then hopefully This paper can make Liverpool that.

Fondos becados por Liverpool (March 2014)