GreenWAY שליחויות על אופניים

GreenWAY - A Message of Sustainability

Did you ever thought about how much noise, pollution and waste of gas and oil is caused by all of the motorcycles in the city?

what if there was an alternative?

what if, all of the dispatches (there are thousands of dispatches in Gush Dan area every day) were delivered in the most ecological way - without one drop of gas, pollution or noise?

Couple of months ago we brought this solution to Israel and we starting with Gush Dan And HaSharon area

GreenWAY is a bike messengers company.
Some of us are professional athletes who train to triathlons and IRONMAN competitions. Some of us are just bike lovers who love to ride
we deliver envelopes, documents, packages and boxes from place to place while training and having fun. just like that:)

We don't have Fuel expenses so we have the lowest prices in Israel for a delivery - 12 shekels

But the most important aspect of GreenWAY is that we build it as a environmental - social business.
We are going to hire def cyclists and help them to feel part of the society and earn an honest living
we give to charity every month 10% of our income. In the first month we gave to "Anonymous for animal rights"
the plan is to build an "open source" business model and to join in to the social business and organization movement.

We believe in professionalism, "open source" model, fitness and veganism.

Our goal is to promote the environmental thinking and to get more people on bikes!

So this is it,
it is our offer to businesses and offices in Tel Aviv area,
we help them to preserve the environment by green deliveries - and they help us doing what we love and are good at - riding bikes

From the first week we launched GreenWAY, a huge word to mouth started around the idea and there were 3 publications about us and we even were on the radio

We take part in couple of social initiatives -BOGO, O-Share and we hope this is only the beginning!

Fondos becados por Tel Aviv - קרן בקטנה (September 2014)