Mocha Origins / Militant Moka

We're a group of Harvard students who met through the Innovation Lab. We want to support Yemen's development by importing their coffee.

Have you heard of Mocha? It's not only a Starbucks drink but the name of the port (Al Mokha) from which Yemen exported coffee 500 years ago. They were the first place in the world to cultivate and trade beans. Back in the day, Mocha was associated with Yemeni coffee, which is known for chocolate undertones. Times change, Mocha loses the Yemen connection but not that of chocolate.

This is where we need you! We need to step on the gas. Your award and $1000 will provide much needed recognition and funds to purchase marketing material. We've applied elsewhere for funding and we're competing in a $100,000 challenge sponsored by the Harvard President's Office (Feb 9 deadline). But for big steps, we NEED small victories. Your recognition will put us on track. Other applications ask, "What publicity and what funding have you received." We are stuck.

So your recognition will give us access to bigger things. But we must act immediately.

And $$$. We're roasting eight types of Yemeni coffee this weekend (Dec 7). We've partnered with three Boston roasters (Barismo, Mystic, and Common Ground) and will put together 500 samples. You'll get some of course. But we must test out marketing material. How awesome are these coffee bags? But small runs are $300. And we want to test various marketing strategies under two names "Mocha Origins" and "Militant Moka: Coffee going on the offensive". Your dollars will allow us to go vroom, as we test multiple gas pedals.

Our project moves forward. I'll note, your prize is not between us and samples. It's bigger than that. It's between us and access to big funding, big coverage. We want to give you beautiful bags of the original Mocha. We want to speak to reporters and mention your name for believing in us. And we want to do this in January. Can you place us in the fast lane?

Fondos becados por Dubai (February 2018)