Awesöme Orchestra Collective

Awesöme Orchestra Collective is a group of Bay Area musicians that holds free and open rehearsals of exciting orchestral repertoire of all kinds.

We provide a low-pressure environment for people to create and enjoy orchestral music together with an emphasis on collaboration, transparency of process, and high musicianship. We believe the lower the stress, the better the experience.

We seek a diverse group of musicians that represent our community who are passionate about orchestras and seek a more open, encouraging, and democratic music-making experience not always present in traditional ensembles.

Participation in Awesöme Orchestra Collective is on a volunteer basis, not by audition, and will always be free to both musicians and non-musicians.

We seek out musical adventures and innovative ways to make both new and traditional concert music more accessible to our community.

Inclusiveness is a huge part of what we do, so we work hard to have the group self-govern itself, which leads to a more empowering experience and individuals. We have a few guidelines we've created:

  1. Any musician or non-musician is always welcome to join us - just make sure you can proficiently handle the part you choose.
  2. Attendance is never mandatory - but if you sign up, show up.
  3. Part assignments are determined by the section - do what's best for the group and share the love.
  4. Relax, get to know and encourage each other, and enjoy playing together - the high musicianship will follow.
  5. Thou shalt be excellent to each other.

We have been in existence since last spring, and meet at least once a month, and never more than twice a month. We are coming up on our twelfth session, and the group has 400+ players now, with new members and audience at every session.

We actively seeking out new musicians, new composers for new works to premiere, and to get rid of the "packaging" common to most concert music experiences that take away from the music.

Fondos becados por San Francisco, CA (November 2013)