C.A.S.A. Cultura, Amigos, Salud y Ambiente

C.A.S.A. Cultura (Culture), Amigos (Friends), Salud (Health), and Ambiente (Environment) is a Minnesota non-profit that aims to serve that Latino community of Clay-Cass county. Since our beginning in May 2023, we have facilitated 3 successful gatherings reaching out to more than 60 Latino individuals and families in Fargo-Moorhead. CASA will be the first organization to focus on the Latino community since 2014!

C.A.S.A. will advocate for equitable resources and opportunities for Latinos living in our community. We coordinate meetings and events to unite, discuss common problems, and evaluate possible solutions using our strengths, experience, and talents. We want to address barriers with cultural safety and humility to help ensure a stronger sense of support and belonging to our ever growing Latino community. We will connect Latinos with social, mental, education, & health services in their own language or, will provide translation and interpreting services to help them navigate the resources they need. We want to access land for growing food, grow our own food-based businesses and become self-sufficient. We will organize public & social events for families and their children to celebrate our cultures.

To begin, we will create a network of mutual awareness among the 7500 Latinos in the communities of Fargo-Moorhead area including Clay and Cass Counties.

The 2020 census figures probably undercounted Latino residents because of general mistrust and immigration status. The figures indicate that about 1/3 of the Latinos are dispersed throughout the counties rather than in specific population centers. Bringing our families to feel “en CASA” (at home) will require a lot of patient relationship building to make the invisible be seen again if they so choose. We believe home is where the heart is and we aim to being CASA to the homes of the many families in our community that chose to make Clay-Cass county the home for them and their future generations to come!

Fondos becados por Cass Clay (December 2023)