Runway Revolution

Project Description: Runway Revolution – Baltimore Chapter

Runway Revolution, an initiative of Yele LLC, is a transformative fashion design program in Baltimore, blending Afrofuturistic aesthetics with contemporary fashion. Our mission is to empower individuals, particularly women of color in Baltimore, through fashion design education, culminating in a showcase of their work.

Goals and Objectives:

  • To offer a 10-week intensive course in fashion sewing and design to 4-8 participants, focusing on individuals with little to no sewing experience in the Baltimore area.
  • To empower participants by developing their skills to a level where they can confidently create and present pieces on the runway.
  • To conclude with a fashion showcase event in Baltimore, spotlighting the participants’ achievements and talents.
    Community Impact in Baltimore:

  • The program is specifically tailored to engage and uplift the Baltimore community, particularly focusing on inclusivity and diversity in fashion.

  • By equipping participants with marketable skills and confidence, the program aims to open new avenues for economic and personal growth within the Baltimore community.

  • The showcase event, a celebration of cultural diversity and talent, will foster community pride and engagement, highlighting Baltimore as a hub of creative and inclusive fashion.

Baltimore-centric Approach:

  • Engagement with local Baltimore artists, businesses, and fashion industry professionals to mentor and support participants..
  • Creating opportunities for local visibility and networking for participants, thereby directly contributing to Baltimore’s socio-cultural and economic landscape.

Why It's Awesome for Baltimore:
Runway Revolution is more than a fashion education program; it's a catalyst for community empowerment and cultural celebration in Baltimore.

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