The Homer Mural on Maplewood Avenue

Awesome Gloucester has partnered with Studio Fresh and Cape Ann Auction to create original public art to honor and celebrate local culture in Gloucester. The mural is a faithful rendering of Winslow Homer's 1874 painting "The Flirt.'

‘The Flirt’ depicts an older man and four boys sailing a catboat in the harbor of Gloucester, Massachusetts. The fishing boat, cleaves through the sea waves, bending to the wind. The tiller and sheet are operated by the older man whilst the young boys recline on the deck looking at the sea. The boy perched at the rear looks out towards the horizon and seagulls in the distance. The name of the boat 'The Flirt' is painted on the rear of the boat.

In addition to grant money contributed by Awesome Gloucester, additional funds were contributed by individual Trustees of Awesome Gloucester who elected to make additional contributions. Additionally, Awesome Gloucester received a $5000 grant from ECCF for the project. In total $10,00 was raised make the mural a reality.

Fondos becados por Gloucester, MA (August 2023)