Many Hands

Bright Park has clear objectives and towards achieving them runs activities to improve the habitat and biodiversity of the land, runs events and activities on the park that bring people young and older outdoors to enjoy the beautiful place and uses our facilities and programmes to improve the health and wellbeing of local communities around the park especially disadvantaged children and young people.

The project ‘Many Hands Lighter Work’ was developed 12 months ago to establish a ‘Friends of Bright Park’ group, many of them volunteers from the communities around the Park. One of the main activities for this group of volunteers has been to begin to enhance the 22,000ft2 landscape with 50% of wooded land (TPO protection). Over the next 12 months programme period, we want to create new habitat around the park to improve the biodiversity, bringing more bird types, frogs, squirrels, attract owls, build bees houses, host butterflies, insects, hedgehogs, create a bug hotel, pond wildlife and many more.

In all, 60 beneficiaries will on average engage directly in the 2hrs/week x 48week habitat creating programme; 1) To buy and install a new pond essential for the lifecycles of frogs, dragonflies and water beetles, and also making it easier for creatures like hedgehogs and birds to bathe. 2) Buy beehive houses attracting bees and harvesting honey for local community. 3) Build a bug hotel, a dry space that will attract different creepy crawlies and good for lots of different types of minibeast such as ladybirds, bees, woodlice and spiders. 4) Build birds nesting/hedgehog houses.

5) Maintain the condition we have created over the last few months of a beautifully well managed park landscape, attracting and encouraging community groups to come outdoor to visit and enjoy the park.

Fondos becados por Liverpool (July 2023)