Climate Models Calendar

My Columbia University colleague, Francesco Fiondella, and I are designing and producing a Climate Models Calendar, based on climate scientists, their data and its importance. We work alongside some of the world’s most renowned climate scientists, from those examining and mapping ancient beaches around the world to predict how high sea level may rise as the planet warms, to others who are improving the very models that tell us how rainfall and temperature patterns will shift in the coming decades. They are all eager to engage the public and share their work.

Photography is a powerful medium that instantly connects subject and viewer. Our Climate Models calendar project brings climate research into the realm of the everyday public. The photographs break barriers between scientists and non-scientists -- literally bringing a face to this important research. Most of what the public knows about climate science comes from distillations of scientific papers. The people behind these papers, their passion and their everyday working environments are rarely seen. In collaboration with Jordan Matter, a NYT bestselling photographer (Dancers Among Us), our Climate Models project will create powerful and compelling portraits of the researchers.

Each month, the calendar features one of these renowned climate scientists, in a portrayal of their interests and work (think something like a NYC Firefighters Calendar, but with much less skin)! Overlayed on each photo is a stat-box with climate information, such as the scientists' favorite dataset, chart or climate phenomenon. The calendar will also include dates of extreme weather/climate events that live in infamy (i.e. Hurricane Sandy), dates of key scientific meetings... and more.

The calendar will increase awareness of climate change and its impacts by facilitating understanding of climate research: Who’s doing it? Why? Where? And what are they learning? We imagine the calendar audience to be the public and scientists alike.

Fondos becados por New York City, NY (August 2013)