The Bass Hill Pre Kindy Program

This awesome project is running a six week all inclusive pre kindy program - that looks at supporting children (3-6yrs of age) and their families transition from home life to school.

It will be an opportunity to experiment, explore and discover the world in a safe and nurturing environment whilst developing life long skills needed in social and educational settings. Each week the program will deliver information (using a variety of methods) to the children and their families.

The aim of the project is to have children in their early years be socially, emotionally and academically ready in order to adapt and transition to school easily. The program will focus on sensory, motor, intellectual and emotional skills. Each week there will be structured play based activities with a specific task/skill as the focus.

The program requires school, community and teachers to work collaboratively with experts in order to design and implement the program. The money will be used to purchase play equipment and resources needed to implement the program and make it more inclusive.

We will have kids who are resilient and ready for school and parents who aren't stressed out! We will be able to offer not only the community of Bass Hill but Sydney on the whole - an excellent pre kindy program.

Fondos becados por Sydney (June 2023)