Mobile Treatment Project

We are seeking funding for our mobile treatment program where our team visits different locations to treat the injured and sick animals and provide them in field treatment. Having said this, we were being funded for this program for the past 2 years but this year, our donors were unable to fund us and we do not have any support to continue. We receive numerous calls and messages from informers about the injured dogs being victims of hit-and-run cases, severe skin infections, abandoned due to getting some disease and many more. This program has helped in saving lives of many by getting timely treatment. Our mobile treatment team rushes to the spot and if the cases are critical and need a rescue, they are brought into our shelter. This program has helped in sensitizing community people about creating awareness about animal welfare and to have compassion towards animals.During our mobile treatment, when our team visits the location of the injured animals, we also distribute booklets and flyers about how to take care of community animals and about all the awareness related to welfare of animals. Many were unaware that if they harm animals, they will have to face punishments and about the animal welfare standards. This is one of our biggest achievements through our mobile treatment program, people have started taking care of animals and inform their nearby animal welfare organization if any animal is in need of help. Before, they used to turn a blind eye and leave the injured animal to die in the streets. As a result, the program has been halted and we are helpless at the moment. People who ask for help for the treatment of the injured animals, they see us in disappointment when we inform them that we no longer can help them due to insufficient funds and it is disheartening for us not being able to treat them. We are hopeful in getting a positive response and support from Awesome Foundation for our halted program where we can save lives on many innocent animals.

Fondos becados por Vegan (May 2023)