"The Voice Inside" Autism Series for Miami Schools

“The Voice Inside” (TVI) is an ongoing series of interactive episodes made for educational and entertainment purposes. TVI is created and performed by young professional writers & actors with and without special needs. And it is their own actual success stories which inspire the episodes. TVI follows teens & young adults through difficult real life situations as they come of age. All the while, TVI viewers hear the inner voices of the characters as they work to overcome their challenges.

As characters face life-changing decisions, TVI viewers get to choose which decision is made. The viewers then see the consequences of that decision. At the end, TVI viewers learn which decision was made in real life and why.
TVI builds awareness, confidence, and empathy in parents, students, and teachers alike in people of all abilities by relying on the inner strength individuals have in trying times. TVI shows that no matter our life’s circumstances, we achieve anyway.

The first character we see the world through is Matt, who is based on autistic playwright, Matteo Esposito. We chronicle Matt’s journey from being a special education student, fresh from the psych ward, who took seven years to graduate high school, to a successful college student actively pursuing a writing career.

We let our viewers make Matt's crucial decision: should he take the advice of teachers who doubt him, and give up on his college dreams, or pursue a GED so he can apply to his dream school? We create episodes that show each decision's potential outcomes, and a "full version" that reveals Matteo's real-life decision to get a GED.

Throughout Matt’s journey, we will meet other characters, like his girlfriend also in special education, Zoe, his autistic GED teacher Ms. Taylor, and his neurotypical friend in adult learning school, Brad. Over the course of the series, we will watch episodes from their perspectives that tell their stories, among others.

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