Free Lightsabers in Darling Harbour

Last Year in June and October I organised 2 lightsaber battle's in Darling Harbour with about 100 people attending each. I want to run a similar event again to hand out free 500 lightsabers to Children and Children at heart to battle in Tumbalong Park. Each person will get to take their lightsaber home at the end of the day, and have good memories of their Duel of Fates.

I will also try and contact Guiness World Records about setting the record for largest lightsaber battle in the Southern Hemisphere. I will set the record unofficially if they ask for a fee.

I will do this on a Saturday, when Darling Quarter has a lot of foot traffic and fireworks on. This will brighten the landscape of Sydney for a day, and give a lot of children happiness and glee. In my first 2 events a lot of people came in professional looking cosplay and a lot of kids got dressed up as their favourite character too!

Fondos becados por Sydney (April 2023)