Out of the Shadows

"Out of the Shadows" is a tribute to the resilience of nine women who have braved the darkest of times. In a world where the voices of the marginalized are often silenced, this audio-visual journey is a beacon of hope. As the pandemic rages on and public resources dwindle, these women's stories find greater significance.

This documentary delves into the complex tapestry of factors that perpetuate gender-based violence in Mexico. From socio-economic disparities to environmental and political issues, the stories reveal a collective narrative of struggle and resilience. The project aims to shed light on the interplay of these factors, while also documenting the unique forms of resilience and coping mechanisms that these women have developed over time.

The current crisis in Mexico demands attention, and this project seeks to do just that. Over nine months, we will weave together the intricate stories of these nine women from diverse backgrounds. Through written ethnography, photography, and documentary film work, we will delve deep into their experiences, bringing to light the nuances and details that are often overlooked by mainstream media.

While this documentary focuses on Mexico, the themes it touches upon are universal. The socio-economic, cultural, and personal factors that fuel violence against women know no borders. As such, "Out of the Shadows" will inspire cross-cultural dialogue and raise awareness about these critical issues.

At its core, this project is a testament to the resilience of women in the face of adversity. Through their stories, we will gain insight into the struggles they have faced and the strategies they have employed to cope. These insights will inform recovery efforts, inspire collaboration, and direct future national and global crisis responses.

Fondos becados por Awesome Without Borders (April 2023)