ICEE & Paint

We are thrilled to award the first Awesome Tulsa grant to Dawn Tree, with her project Icee & Paint. The trustees felt that Dawn's work bringing free art workshop series to our community was an exceptionally awesome project, and we encourage everyone to check out Dawn's many awesome projects around Tulsa!

To learn more, please visit:

Project Overview:
A series of art workshops for youth ages 7-15 yrs old, they will sip on icees/slushies and paint. This program will launch at Lacy Park Recreation Center in April.

About the Winner:
Hi, I'm Dawn Tree. I am a practicing fine artist and founder of Underground Tree Studios. Through the studio I work to engage/uplift the community through the showing of my own personal art, art instruction and organizing art experiences. I enjoy nature and exploring through travel. I have been an artist over 30 years and the journey has been challenging but fulfilling

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