Think Before You Type

Think Before You Type is an anti-cyberbullying and positive self-esteem campaign that God put on our hearts last June. We didn't like all of the cyberbullying that we saw occurring on Twitter, or the way that it made people feel so we decided to take a stand. Our goal is to change our generation for the better by inspiring young people to stand up against cyberbullying (and bullying of any kind), use the internet for good, and to dream big.

For now our campaign is social media, YouTube, and blog based. We interview bands, and others, and get them talking about cyberbullying, the internet, and self-esteem. We don't think that enough people are talking about this issue, and we want to change that! We also write blog posts that are reflections on important thoughts and issues that we think need to be written about.

One major thing that we're known for is that every Sunday we post a video"dare" that challenges people to go out and have a positive impact on the people in their lives in simple ways. For example: "We dare you to go this week and make someone smile". We want people to realize that it isn't that hard to have a positive impact on others.

We hope that in the coming months and years we'll continue to build our online presence and create a presence in our community. We hope to be able to speak with other young from all over about these important topics, and the help them see that they too can be passionate about doing good.

Fondos becados por Awesome Without Borders (July 2013)