Adelaide Chronicles

I am a fiercely freelance pod-caster and unashamed tree hugger, my awesome platform is and it is all about stories of what a sustainable, inclusive future might look like. And togetherness, I mean collectively, the plants, the landscape, the animals, even plankton, the skies, the waterways and of course, the trees. Oh, and people. We need it all to be able to sustain life. The podcast is a one woman show and invites like-mindedness in its many chats. It is all about looking, listening, and hearing, everything has a way of communicating you just have to be quiet to hear and understand that there are wonderful stories everywhere. In this one you can hear the sheoak sighing.

Then there’s one entitled silent is an anagram of listen,
and there’s many on First Nations peoples’ opinions on Indigenous knowledge of the natural world and what it takes and what we need to know about caring for country including a voice to parliament through
and a whale telling her story about the future

And perhaps the most amazing one is where 4 local experts talk at a forum for the Conscious Cities festival on the differences between growing up with local First Nations education that has been passed down for generations and standard English based education, through to extinction of native species, stories of palaeontology and ancient land and futurist thinking.

Adelaide Chronicles is local, it is all about nature, about connections, people, and place and what’s right and fits naturally in that particular place, stories from a whole range of perspectives and better futures where all living beings belong, where the old Christian ethic of human dominion over has no valid standing.

Fondos becados por Adelaide (October 2022)