Wellbeing Hub & Children's Workshops

My plan is to create an inclusive hub for all things self-care, self-love and mindfulness for children, families and individuals. The power of self-love, self-care and gratitude should be accessible for all, and I aim to build a hub support the mental, emotional and social wellbeing of children and their families.

I am passionate about building confidence, resilience, self-love and readiness for the real world so that children are emotionally equipped and adaptive as possible; but to also, give adults the ability to unlearn and relearn crucial self-life skills.

I have been facilitating wellbeing sessions for the last 9 months in youth centers, community settings, nurseries and family homes teaching children ways to cope with worries, how to understand and express their emotions and develop self-love.

Within this hub, we will offer wellbeing workshops where we will promote positive mental wellbeing for children as young as 2 years old through affirmations, yoga, meditation, storytelling, dance, breathwork visualization, mirror work and arts and crafts. All sessions are age appropriate, and we explore different topics such as gratitude, friendship, understanding and expressing thoughts and feelings, self-love, positivity and empowerment.

Our sessions will take place in Toxteth, where we will work with all but especially people of colour as we value inclusivity, The power of understanding self-love, self-care and gratitude should be accessible for all, and words like "meditation", "mindfulness" and "mental wellbeing" should not
be a barrier in society.

Children and their families will learn tools that they can carry into the future with them to help them with their wellbeing. It also encourages social cohesion and community through building support and network groups within the sessions.

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