Holroyd High School Multicultural Day

On the 16th September, Holroyd high School will be hosting a multicultural day for all of the students. Multicultural day is generally held every year, however due to Covid it has not occurred for the last 3 years. We hope to make this year bigger and better!

Due to the school having a large Intensive English School, we have the pleasure of experiencing over 44 different cultures within the school! This is a big reason we wish to celebrate such a special day.

The purpose of the day is to celebrate the diversity and enhance the sense of community that is experienced within the school.

We will be starting the day with a morning ceremony, including a flag march, and multicultural speakers.There will also be different cultural performances and speeches from students and external providers showcasing their culture.
The school will be hosting food trucks and stalls from as many different cuisines as possible that students will have access to at lunch.

We will also have cultural activities running, in which students can participate and learn about all the cultures within the school! The project has been on hold for 3 years, and its the largest event for the school.

The funding will assist with financing speakers, performers and food stalls for students to access Due to majority of our students coming from low socio economic communities, the funding will assist with reducing out of pocket costs for the students on the day. For example, we could utilise the funding to ensure the food vans are free or only a gold coin donation is required.
Similarly, the funding could assist with financing performers and activities for students to participate in.

This event will allow the community to embrace the diversity and experiences of the Cumberland population. Multicultural day will allow the community and students to engage with, learn about and embrace different cultural identities. Many of our students spend time with students of similar backgrounds, ethnicities and world views. In orchestrating this event it will be an opportunity for students to expand their world view, have conversation with students different from them, and in so doing may reduce prejudice and bias, associated with a lack of understanding of other cultures.

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