Willow Creek Leadership adventure

The following proposal has come out of consultation and brainstorming with the Fleurieu Coast Youth Advisory Committee, known as YAC. Our YAC members, comprised of 12-25 years old, have identified that they would like the opportunity to develop and foster some leadership skills particularly around problem solving, strategy and performing in under pressure situations.
Our YAC members have also been planning an “amazing race” event in our region for Young People to participate in as one of their youth led events. They have developed a framework around outcomes and guidelines however have found themselves stuck with how to move forward with this event.

‘Willow Creek Adventure Camp’ is able to facilitate a leadership day for 20 Young people in our region develop these skills through a range of fun, yet challenging activities which will also encourage stronger relationships between peers, they also offer an opportunity to participate in an ‘Amazing race’ which will help them to move their current plan forward.
The proposed event will begin with a bus collection from Yankalilla. This is a key resource as transport is the number one barrier for our young people as there is no public transport in our region.
Activities that will be facilitated will include an Amazing Race event in Victor Harbor, this will provide them will skills to further develop the event they have planned. Team challenges, survivor style incorporate problem solving challenges based on the dysfunction of a team promoting communication, creative thinking and team work. They include a mixture of interactive physical and mental puzzles and relays. A Raft building challenge includes participants are given a range of equipment including PVC tubes, timber, teams and rope. Teams needs to construct a raft and use it to get across a body of water in a given time frame. The day will then end with a shared tea and reflection around a camp fire before the bus returns our young people back to Yankalilla.

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