Newcastle Birth Movement

Hello! Hrm where to start?? :)

Okay... for about 25 years we have run FREE birth support/birth story circles in the Hunter. BUT... for most of that time, they were in parks and churches etc. AND they were only ONE event per month OR less.

I was helping to run those meetings and I was a pregnant mum enjoying those meetings too! From about 2015-2019

After I had my last baby, I realised that the service was leaving women for a long time with no emotional connection and/or support. Sure they have medical support - but there is a big gap in what women desire and NEED and what the government system can provide - especially EMOTIONALLY.

I had a BIG dream, I wanted us to rent and run a full time, physical space and service! I fundriased for about three years and when I had saved up $5000 we did it - the NEWCASTLE BIRTH MOVEMENT space was birthed!!! (in 2019)

We rent two rooms and have workshop room access in a shared community building at Hamilton.

We are totally independent of all systems and are run by women, for women (and families too, of course we are also very child/baby and partner friendly!)

The BIGGEST challenge we face is ongoing RENT costs.

But, we are working super super hard (and have been for three whole years now) to make sure that we continue to succeed, continue to grow, learn and develop and become comfortably, long term , sustainable.

We have many ways that we fundraise and your $1000 grant would be a delightful and very appreciated part of that.


Now that we are a physical space we are proud to support women DAILY - as was my dream!

We provide:

  • free Birth chats, for fears, worries, concerns, decision making and assertiveness skills, confidence, etc

  • Free 1-2 hour birth workshops

  • Free birth trauma/birth healing debriefs/counselling chats

  • affordable/by donation hypnobirthing, birth ready yoga, mums and bubs yoga, mums and bubs sox week facilitated workshop programs, birth story circles and much more!

Fondos becados por Newcastle (July 2022)