Home Advantage Liverpool

Anfield in North Liverpool is one of the most economically deprived areas in the country, despite the hulking great presence of one of the most affluent football clubs in the world. 44% of our kids live below the poverty line, while people pay hundreds of pounds to come here to see their Holy Ground - the liverpool ground.

so i want to bring the two groups together - using local residents' spare bedrooms to accommodate visitors to the football club. a VIRTUAL HOTEL, a bit like AirB&B, but specifically for Anfield. centrally administered by me, and for the benefit of the whole community. hundreds, even thousands of visitors to liverpool getting proper home comforts instead of a cold impersonal hotel room, and local families getting to connect with the people who love Anfield more than anywhere else on earth.

it's a way to fight the bedroom tax, and a way to help my neighbours, to bring HOME PRIDE back to a once-great district.

Fondos becados por Liverpool (June 2013)