Grab N’ Go: Hispanic Literacy Project

We are leading the Hispanic Education Initiative in North Carolina and partnering with El Centro Hispano, a non-profit that helps Hispanic adults and teens through education and economic assistance.

Due to the pandemic, many Hispanic kids have fallen behind in schooling, especially involving reading and literacy. We have estimated around 200 kids need our help in increasing their reading level over the upcoming months and we plan to do it in the most fun way possible.

We will be creating and organizing literacy kits with calculators, age-level books, reading workbooks, and games to help Hispanic kids practice and learn reading skills at home!

We also plan to organize three super sessions where these kids from all over NC can meet virtually and in-person and decorate their literacy kit bags, and collaborate with us on a literature and Hispanic culture workbook combining frames of their bilingual identity while creating a fun workbook to improve literature.

Fondos becados por Asheville, NC (April 2022)