Bikes for asylum seekers

The project hopes to gift 8 bikes to 8 asylum seekers who live in an isolated refugee hostel in Birmingham. The project will fix the old bikes which have been donated to us and offer 3 cycle rides to the beneficiaries to connect them to the green spaces around their hotel and teach them on how to ride safely on the road in the UK.

Getting help for refugees who are housed in hotels is very limited. Due to Brexit and Covid the stays for refugees in hostels has increased from a few weeks to several months, at times even years before they get moved to more permanent housing. Refugees who live in hostels only receive £8 a week, having a bike could give them an amazing sense of freedom, help with their mental health, allow them to socialize and take part in more activities across the city they are otherwise cut off from.

Claiming for asylum is a very stressful and gruelling process which can lead to them suffering from extreme depression. In our past projects we have run walking and cycling sessions for groups of refugees but have never managed to gift the bikes. This time with a little financial help we can find new homes for these bikes to the people who will appreciate and need them the most! Having a bike to take you somewhere is a superpower, we want to give them this superpower! By donating these bikes, it means after the bike ride sessions, they will be empowered to repeat this any time they wish. We realise that the refugees housed in the outskirts of the city are cut off from most charities and events in the city centre due to the cost high of public transport. We hope to start with a small set of bikes that they can share among their friends and benefit more than just 8 refugees. We believe if we make one person’s life a little happier it will have a ripple effect.

Fondos becados por Birmingham (April 2022)