Stamp out Stigma for mental health campaign

Manha and Laiba Yusuf initiated 'Stamp out Stigma for Mental Health' and 'Kindness for buddies campaign' in early 2019. The girls are working in these campaigns for the last 3 years to initiate new services, fundraisers, campaigns in order to raise awareness around the importance of mental health and helping homeless, youth in need, women in abused homes and shelters, etc. Looking at the impact of covid-19 on youth mental health posed by household unemployment, the girls initiated 3 new Free programs in January 2022 to help out those in need. The 3 new projects include free access to 30 minutes online tutoring, free library and course books access, and free fresh fruits, vegetables, eggs, meat delivery on a biweekly/monthly basis. The girls predict that the household unemployment in lower income and homeless youth is heightening the negative impacts on youth mental health and these free resources will improve the overall outcome, improvements in grades, as well as overall well being of children and youth in need. Speaking to various food banks and shelters providing food items, fresh fruits and meat is limited in availability. These 3 new projects will help focus on these deficiencies and help out local Newmarket community in need. There has been a lot of requests from the community in need to provide the free tutoring and fresh food items in these difficult times. The girls are hoping to reduce anxiety, suicidal thoughts and youth reliance on drugs use to cope with the mental health challenges. This will be the only Free tutoring community service in the area and is much needed to help out youth with Math, reading etc. and catch up on missed grades due to school closures etc.

Fondos becados por Newmarket (February 2022)