Reaching Out In Song Georgetown

My Awesome Georgetown idea is to bring ten 1.5 hour music events to Georgetown fostering our community’s natural love for music.

What Do The Events Look Like?!?
Two 1.5 hr music events at the Georgetown Senior Center
These interactive events would bring fun, recognizable music tailored specifically for our senior’s enjoyment. I’ve had initial discussions with Colleen Fiorello (Director of Georgetown Senior Center) about this idea.
Two 1.5 hr ‘Music Exploration” events for Georgetown Youth

These two sessions would include original and popular songs on guitar and create an open dialog for the teens to share their experiences on how music speaks to them.
Two 1.5 hr Guitar/Ukulele Song Circles at the Library
A Song Circle is a music event for guitar/ukulele players of all levels and styles who meet, sit in a circle and share songs. Song Circles are where many find an opportunity to perform publicly for the first time. I have had initial discussions with Sarah Cognata (Director of Georgetown Peabody Library) about this idea.
Two 1.5 hr Community Concert events at the Georgetown Library ( Indoor/Outdoor)
While not everyone enjoys singing behind a microphone, many times when an audience hears a familiar song, they spontaneously sing along. These two sessions would be focused on bringing fun and recognizable songs for our community to enjoy and sing along with if desired.

One 1.5 hr Community Workshop called “The Art of Guitar Building and Flute Making”
I will present my personal collection of hand-built guitars and Native American style flutes for display and provide an introductory overview on the techniques, tooling and building process necessary for guitar building and flute making.
One 2-hour Georgetown Public Open Mic (location TBD, possibly Perley School)
This Open Mic – the crescendo to all foregoing events - would be a non-judgmental environment for Georgetown residents to share music talent, poetry, storytelling or comedy for the public to enjoy.

Fondos becados por Georgetown, MA (March 2022)