I am a local artist who is practicing ways to use dance and meditation to inspire healing on the Northside. I am the artistic director of the Northside dance company BLAQ. We use dance as a rites of passage to evoke change/healing in ourselves as well as our various communities (Black, Queer, Deaf, etc.). I have been working towards creating another pedal of BLAQ named “BLAQ Love”. BLAQ Love is a dance/guided meditation/activity session that is solely focused on Self Care/Love practices for women. Through BLAQ Love, people will be more intentional about their time spent focusing on healing and reclaiming their love for themselves and others around them. I plan to provide sessions 3-4 times a week.

A Session at a Glimpse:

Each individual would come into a a dimly lit space, with light music and the scents of sage and incense. Warm temperature. They pick a crystal, because each one has a meaning, they will decide what energy they would like to pull from for their session. Yoga mats are laid out in front of a personal mirror. Each session has a max of about 15 people. I will guide the session in guided meditation and light stretching. I will also guide us through activities that promote self reflection. Each session will be 1hr 30min and end with group reflection.

Fondos becados por North Minneapolis, MN (November 2018)