My project involves the creation of a 45' composition called "GG" and multiple synchronous performances on October 15 along the G train line in Brooklyn, NY. The idea is to bring live music back to life, but in an uncanny way: to have all 21 performers synchronized and playing the piece from each of the G train line's 21 platforms at both 6pm and 7pm.

The performers are separated by space but connected through a score and an intention: To bring an unforgettable musical experience to a G train rider who gets on at Court Square (or any stop between 6:00 and 7:45pm) — hearing the beginning of the piece played on the platform — and who then gets off at Church Avenue, some 35' later, hearing the continuation of the same composition on the other platform.

To additionally aid in the experience, players are positioned in a way so their performance is felt during the on-boarding and off-boarding process during the train's travel along the line. My hope is that the "GG" performance will bring an experience of playful curiosity along with the sounds of pleasing music and a feeling of interconnectivity to the 150,000 riders who use the G train every day.

The main goal of my project is to serve and enhance the lives of the G train line: the Brooklyn locals. In fact, this train is the only cross-town local line in NYC that doesn't go through Manhattan and the title "GG" is a tip-of-the-hat not only to the playful "Good-Game-like" manner the piece is composed but to the era when local trains were double- lettered.

AwesomeNYC's grant will help pay for the video documentation of this performance so it can live on beyond the live performance in October and serve as the foundation for future similar works.

Fondos becados por New York City, NY (October 2021)