Water bottles for all

When the school year began this year, we found ourselves with mostly different COVID protocols than last year but a couple remained. One in particular was the banning of the drinking part of our water fountains; students only have access to the refillable part of our machines. This has left a significant amount of students unable to access drinking water throughout the day. I realized in week 2 of school it would not be sustainable for me to bring cases of water or throw-away cups to give to my students daily, every block, in fact.

Because our community is so awesome, I figured I would throw out an ask on the Facebook world. In less than 6 days, I have received nearly 60 bottles from community members, friends and family who wanted to help out. In two days, all the bottles have been given out to students! It has made me realize the need is bigger than what I had initially thought.

Fondos becados por Gloucester, MA (October 2021)