OMGWTF: On-Demand

OMGWTF: On-Demand is a high quality, 60 minute digital production available for streaming on-demand of the award-winning Newcastle based live variety show OMGWTF.

The way people interact with and consume live entertainment is changing, as lockdowns and social restrictions shift the focus to digital delivery. Entertainment is a valuable tool in providing joy, laughter and alleviating feelings of loneliness. The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare have reported an increase in calls to crisis hotlines such as Lifeline as a result of extended lockdowns. We seek to create opportunity for connection and a heightened sense of community between viewers and performers in an environment where people are seeking for new and interesting material to engage with. This project is our response to these changes and our attempt at creating sustainability within our artistic field of practise.

this project is important to the continued development and success of the show and what it stands for within the Newcastle entertainment community - a safe, inclusive space for artists to develop and showcase their work.

Fondos becados por Newcastle (October 2021)