Turtle Island Garden Club

The Turtle Island Garden Club was established to encourage organic food gardening in the First Nations and Metis communities in the Windsor-Essex County area. Growing a food garden is an affordable way to have access to fresh produce and it's a great learning experience for the whole family! The health of Indigenous people is paramount and growing food will ensure that there is access to fresh organic fruits and veggies. This project aims to create awareness and education through workshops, socials, a community garden, a seed exchange, and an online chat group, The goal of the project is to teach the community the skills to grow their own food in order to ease the burden of being able to afford to buy enough food for the their families. Another goal is to promote gardening as a good form of physical activity. It's a way for everyone to get in touch with nature and it's a natural stress reliever. There are so many reasons to plant a food garden.

Fondos becados por Windsor, ON (May 2013)