Once Upon a Time... Publishing

Once Upon a Time... Publishing is an award-winning writing and book publishing program in San Francisco for kids in 2nd-8th grade where they get taught by an author (me) and college-level writers that I hire as interns from USF how to write, illustrate, publish, and sell their own book. At the end of the program, the books go for sale in Green Apple Bookstore in San Francisco and they also get placed in Free Little Library with secret notes written in them for the kids to find.

This program was founded by me in 2015 and I have created and grown it all by myself. I came up with this idea after I self-published my first novel in 2014. I showed my little cousin my book who was 10 at the time and she asked if I could teach her to write a book and publish it. This is when I found my love for teaching kids and making books for them. Since then, I have put Once Upon a Time... Publishing into 5 schools just in San Francisco.

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