Caretakers of Campbelltown

Inspired by the ‘Humans of New York’ movement, Caretakers of Campbelltown aims to highlight and acknowledge a range of local heroes, artists, small businesses & community leaders (by age, experiences, ethnicity) through photography and quotations. The aim is to showcase 12 of our humble local heroes and highlight the diverse culture of Sydney, Australia.

The project will be led by 2 Campbelltown creatives: local photographer, Del-Ray Fruean, with quotations from each hero, facilitated by interviews led by filmmaker/writer, Gabriel Faatau’uu (professionally known as Gabriel Faatau’uu-Satiu). The photos will be published across social media platforms (accounts to be made), linked to an appropriate hashtag #caretakersofcampbelltown #localheroes and a write-up of each local hero to engage with and inspire a younger audience. Also, photos will be printed in A0 size to be featured in community spaces within the Campbelltown local government area to engage with an older demographic.

Although this project primarily focuses on our LGA, the long-term ripple effect is to begin a movement across all different LGA across Sydney by creating short term work for other local creatives, while giving thanks and showing recognition to local heroes too.

I found my voice as a creative person in Sydney because it has given me so many great opportunities. Through those #amazing encounters, I have met so many #awesome and like-minded people. However, I noticed that there isn’t a space that bridges the gap between everyday people and the arts community. I believe this project of mine will fill that space of uncertainty.

From the many encounters I have had in Sydney, and through the many workshops I’ve facilitated and young people I have met, my takeaway is always the same (particularly from POC like myself). Our young people will strive to aim high, and be better, if they can see themselves reflected elsewhere. If we continue to share diverse stories of hope, of small wins, of our local heroes, of small businesses, community leaders, and #awesome people, we can inspire people to do better and be #awesome in their everyday lives too. Ultimately, it makes Sydney even more #awesome than it is already!

Fondos becados por Sydney (August 2021)