Southern Mens Gathering 2021

The Southern Men's Gathering, to be held on November 12th to 14th this year, in Yankalilla, will be the second South Australian men's gathering ever held, and it has become an annual event on the Fleurieu Peninsula. One of our aims is for the Fleurieu Peninsula to become the centre of "men's work" in South Australia.

The Southern Men's Gathering was created to allow men a space to connect to themselves and other men in a safe environment. Many health indicators point to men of all ages struggling with their mental health, physical health, relationships and life purpose. We aim to change this by providing a new pathway to being a good man.

We aim to provide an opportunity for men to gather and explore who they are as men, fathers, partners and members of the Fleurieu community. We provide a framework and support network so men can develop emotional literacy, learn to be vulnerable, share their own story and build their own community of care.

Coming into our second year, we have seen the fruits of our labor ripen as men have created new connections in their community, stepped into positions of leadership and influence and have become more integrated, purposeful and empathetic men.

With the support of the Awesome Foundation, we aim to continue our work to make the Fleurieu Peninsula a place where men can feel connected to their community and supported by a network of good men.

Fondos becados por Fleurieu (July 2021)