STEAM and Sprouts

We often equate science and math to formulas, terms, and memorizing content from a textbook. However, I have discovered that science is best learned through discovery, inquiry, and being able to make sense of something over time. Through STEAM and Sprouts, I hope to be able to fund a more holistic, hands-on science program. One that bridges the classroom and the community, where my students develop a curiosity for the natural world, and a desire to care for the environment around them. I’ve called this project STEAM and Sprouts, because a large component of the project revolves around our Interactions in the Environment unit, where students are seeking to understand how ecosystems work. We will do this through growing our own produce and mushrooms in the classroom, and investigating the conditions that are needed to be able to harvest healthy food.

At our school, Calvin Park Public School, we have access to great tech opportunities, and one of the things that we would be able to do with this microgrant is build planter boxes with our tech teacher. The students would grow vegetables in these boxes, and be able to take them home for future gardening too. This also gives the students a chance to work with a variety of tools, including power tools.

There are many other things that enrich science learning, including the opportunity to connect with local community members, and a portion of this money would go towards providing a small honorarium to guest speakers who share with our class.

Fondos becados por Kingston (July 2021)