Rebuilding the community

With it being summertime, I am wanting to bring the community I live in back together. It's going to be a bumpy road. I live in Rawsonville Woods Mobile Home Park and am planning on bringing the community together again like our old park manager named Leisa as well as her precessor: my step mom, Donna Neigum did. With the new management, our community has fallen apart! With me being in charge of all the park wide events, there's a ton of plans and events I'd like to do...The only difficult part is the lack of the finances to provide the materials and supplies needed for the events. We are having difficulty with petty cash (the cash delivered to us every other month by the corporate office for park wide events) due to lawn equipment breaking down, vehicle maintenance, and home repairs..."If money is tight, the petty cash comes in handy when needing repairs done" -Ella, the park manager said to us in a park-wide meeting regarding recent and future events. We have not had a single event organized to happen since the 'Gaby Games' our park along with Sumpter PD hosted for the little girl who passed away due to drowning in the bath tub. The event hosted happened in 2019 and it was a ton of fun for us adults as well as the kids! At the end of the day, we all gathered around the tree we planted in memory of her and had a moment of silence. It was awesome seeing the community come together to have a simple day of fun! Without the grant, I don't see us having any events in the near future.

Fondos becados por Ann Arbor, MI (July 2021)