The Hannah Project Freedom School

The Hannah Freedom School is unique among summer enrichment programs. Focusing on disenfranchised low-income children of color, its mission is to create safe, nurturing educational environments that set high expectations for all children while teaching them that they can make a difference in themselves, their families, communities, and the world. This full-day program, taught by trained college students, provides a morning focused on culturally rich literature and project-based learning, and afternoons devoted to athletics STEM, art/music, and performance arts. In addition, two meals, weekly fieldtrips, parenting workshops, are offered in this tuition free program.

Reading is at the heart of the Freedom School curriculum. During the summer session, many students fall in love with books for the first time. Scholars who participated in the 2019 summer program, had no summer reading loss and some increased their reading proficiency an average of 1.5 years in six weeks.

Hannah Freedom School scholars ages 7-13 are taught by college-age interns who want to improve the lives of children while enriching their own life experience. These students, referred to as Servant Leader Interns, are a part of 2,000 other youth leaders from around the country who each complete rigorous week-long training in Tennessee as well as 4-6 days on post national training on site before the summer program begins.

Cultural history and social justice are emphasized through the use of an Integrated Reading Curriculum that introduces students to a rich collection of culturally diverse literature. Activities and field trips also explore a variety of cultures and culminate in a finale and day of social action.

Freedom Schools recognize parents as important partners in educating their children. Parents are expected to participate in school activities and attend weekly workshops to learn more about successful parenting, setting and achieving family goals, and becoming advocates for children.

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