yard-ian angels

one day my friend Jane and I were walking around our neighborhood noticing how many yards there were that belong to elderly folks that were overgrown or you could tell that no one was taking care of them and so we piece together a couple of lawn mowers from parts and pieces and started mowing lawns and and pulling weeds and taking care of yards that we can tell belong to elderly people free of charge and by word of mouth we got several more clients around our community whose yards needed help and belonging to elderly folks so we just started doing anyone any and everyone we can find for free just to help elderly folks out I was raised in church and my grandparents taught me that we're supposed to take care of our widows and widowers in the community plus my grandparents have been gone for a few years now and I miss them terribly so I try to adopt any and all grandparents that I come across. we call ourselves the YARD-ian angels. if I had the money from the awesome Grant I would use it to get a couple of brand new lawn mowers instead of ones that we have to keep repairing on a daily basis and if there was any money left over I would keep it in reserve to buy flowers for yards for our elderly people or just use it so that we have money in reserved it for gas for lawn mowing cuz we don't charge anything for services.

Fondos becados por Seattle, WA (July 2021)