Salt Wild

SALT WILD is a live, immersive theatre experience + installation at a rural property in Shelburne Falls, MA. This isn’t theatre like most of us know it. Rather than sitting to watch a performance happen, as an audience member at SALT WILD, you’re on your feet, exploring the whimsical, mysterious world on your own. Here at a house at the edge of the forest, the present day holds the past choices of the children who lived here. Decades ago, they harnessed powerful ancestral protection magic—which went awry, breaking down the barriers between the dream world and the waking world. At this place, strange magic was released into the woods—and now forces are converging that will shape the future of the dreaming and the wakeful.

As an audience member, you’ll experience a sense of wonder and discovery as you begin to fit the narrative puzzle pieces together, meeting magical beings along the way who might speak to you directly and even give you a task. Each experience is unique; if you come to the show with a friend, you’ll have entirely different stories to share. This dynamic can spark endless conversation and inspiration!

In a time when performing artists in particular are hungry for creative outlets, Salt Wild creates an environment for them to bring their full creative agency and talents. This piece is special because it is group-devised, meaning that rather than a top-down approach (starting with a script), we use a collaborative process based on everyone’s ideas and creative offerings. No one will be receiving a script with lines they didn’t write—everyone will have ownership and agency over their work. We’re bringing together all types of artists: actors, musicians, singers, painters, installation artists, and game designers.

Our community, especially as we emerge gently from the pandemic, deserves to be engaged in this way: for the audience, to be surrounded by wonder and joy in a live setting; and for the artists, to dive into developing work that excites them.

The performances will take place entirely outdoors with small audiences of 2-6 people.

Fondos becados por Boston, MA (May 2021)