Kingston DIY

Kingston DIY ( is a community focused do it yourself Skatepark and community garden. Our aim is to continue to create a safe, dry and free place for people of all ages, background and abilities to come and skate. Scotland is a renowndly wet country and in Glasgow, where we are based, we are the only space that ticks all of the above boxes.

We started in November of 2020, when all indoor skateparks were closed due to the pandemic, and have since received immensely positive feedback from the skate community and the local residents. We have build 12 concrete skate obstacles so far, and have tidied an area that was previously an eye sore and dumping ground, and some of the local residents even raised funds and built planters at the spot themselves!

We want to continue this project for as long as possible and grants like this can help us to do so!

Fondos becados por Glasgow (June 2021)