We Are Water

WeAreWater is an immersive audio and video artwork illuminating the social and environmental history of SF’s relationship to water, free to the public along foot trafficked spaces above ancient SF water sources beginning in the Mission neighborhood. The tour brings the sounds of submerged streams to life as well as the relationship to water of those living above these waterways. The human audio interwoven into the sounds of water will be composed of diverse voices of the Mission community sharing their personal and cultural relationship to water all spoken in their Native Languages. SF's relationship to water is as intense as the city’s origin story, complete with theft and disrespect for this precious resource. Due to accelerating climate change, SF’s primary source of drinking water is rapidly evaporating and therefore a more resilient and respectful relationship to water must be collectively forged by those living in SF. Water is a universal essential need of all humans regardless of geographical origin, culture or political views. We cannot live without water. The artwork uses the healing power of the sights and sounds of running water to recalibrate our relationship to this life giving force. (It’s been scientifically proven that the sounds and sights of water are soothing to homo sapiens). In addition to illuminating the sounds of the original waterways of SF, the stories of those living above this water, the artwork will also share resilient ways we can reimagine our relationship to water.
For the last 5 years I’ve been meeting with diverse experts, organizations, government as well as community groups all pursuing more resilient solutions to water at the local level. These community pilot projects as well as city supported resilient solutions will be shared via a website as well as a free zine that will be made available at cafes, stores, community centers and more situated above the submerged waterway in the Mission. The audio experience will be both at

Fondos becados por San Francisco, CA (June 2021)