The Junto Men's Hub-Men's shed for younger guys

Just being male is the biggest risk factor to death.

Almost 80% of suicides are men (7 men a day)

Men, on average, live six years less than women. Mental health, physical health and mortality – men win in every category.

Men routinely fail at close relationships – 40% of marriages break down, and divorce is initiated by women 80% of the time.

More than 90% of the acts of violence are carried out by men, and 70% of victims are men

In school, around 90% of children with behavioural problems are boys, and more than 85% with learning problems are boys

Young men between 15 and 25 have three times the death rate of girls

Men make up 80% of the homeless

Men comprise 90% of those incarcerated in Australia

If you're between 15 & 44, you are statistically more likely to take your own life than die any other way right now

Something isn't working and it seem's like the initiatives out there aren't effective.

So what if there was a place for boys and men to physically go where they felt safe to share things going on in their life, a place where they could learn the tools and skills to be a man who has strong moral character, values, can communicate and has an overall healthy and well-balanced life.

A place that provided a conduit to make it easier and normal for men to receive counseling or see a GP.

A place that helped fathers connect better with their sons. A place that mentored young men to be great men and provided an initiation process and role modeling rather than thrusting them out into the world with no skills or knowledge on what it means to be a man.

Would this kind of place help reduce some of the statistics today?

We think so.

Which is why we're building it.

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