Hot Meals & Winter Readiness

Our Projects:

Our July fundraiser is called "I've Got 5 On It". We will be selling a meal box of a large hotdog, 2 bags of chips, and a cup of homemade lemonade for $5. When people come to get food we'll ask "how many meals do you need today?" They'll reply "I've got $5 on it (or $10/15/20 etc depending on how many they want) and we will hook them up with a meal box.

The Winter Giving Event (cause I haven't found a more awesome name for it yet) is designed to help children and teens (up to age 19) with warm winter items that can be dispersed through the schools. Our goal would be to get 1500 winter packs made to give to 5 participating schools willing to give out the blessings.

Fondos becados por Cass Clay (July 2021)