Let's talk about death

I propose an 8 episode podcast series that addresses many of the unspoken aspects of preparing for death-our own or that of someone else.
The podcast will discuss dying from a normal physiological aspect- not euthenasia or the right to die movement.
Death is something that every living person will experience, yet for many people it is something that is not openly discussed
In this series we will cover topics such as:
Death and dying in the 21st century
Chronic disease, frailty and aging
Who will speak for me if I can't?
It's ok to ask...asking doctors to explain things better
Understanding life prolonging care
Things to organise before and after death
What happens to our bodies when we are dying
Guests from health, funeral directors, social services, aged care and other relevant areas will be invited to speak on their area of speciality

Fondos becados por Newcastle (February 2021)