Adoption Vehicle Transformation

Hundreds of abused, abandoned, and neglected animals have already been saved by Paws Ranch. As many as 75% of all pets picked up by animal control services (ACS) are euthanized. The numbers are staggering. On average 2,500 pets die every month! We at PRRAS along with the Alamo Area partnership for animal welfare (AAPAW) and other local rescues are striving to make San Antonio a NO KILL City. You can help by getting involved. Adopt a less adoptable pet, foster a pet, sponsor a special needs animal, become a volunteer, donate funds, pet supplies, or food, educate friends and neighbors about the stray pet problem, spay and neutering, and encourage them to adopt instead of breeding or buying. Together we can reach our goal of No Kill!

About or Current Project: Six months ago a supporter donated a Chevy step Van. We have been trying desperately to save money to transform this Van into an Adoption Vehicle. An adoption vehicle would allow us to host more adoption events in more locations and provide us with greater visibility during adoption events. Most importantly this vehicle could raise adoption numbers by as much as %50. Saving twice as many lives this year 264 up from 132 lives saved last year.

Fondos becados por San Antonio, TX (January 2013)