Stone Temple Community Garden - Fencing in Peace

Over the past 5 years, Stone Temple Missionary Baptist Church has been developing a community garden that not only feeds the neighborhood but its soul as well. The new peace garden is also used as a gathering place for community members and their families. What was once a thoroughfare for violence has become a resting place for peace.

They cleared, cleaned and surveyed the land. The Elders from the Stone Temple Green Team built the garden beds and filled them with garden soil. Then, along with partners and community residents, they planted a vegetable and flower garden. On June 29, 2019, the community celebrated the birth of the Stone Temple Community Heritage Peace Garden.

Adults and children from the community became volunteers. They did everything from planting seeds to pulling weeds. Several elementary school students regularly watered the garden and played in the sandbox whether I or team members were present or not.

The grant will be used to help finalize the garden with a wrought iron fence and gate entrance. Though the gate will not be used to lock out the community it will provide a sense of safety, security and esthetic to this amazing community garden and outdoor space.

Fondos becados por Chicago, IL (February 2021)