Black Women in Opera

My awesome project is the DC Black Women in Opera project, which will be a one-day recital event that takes place at one significant area in DC. DC Black Women in Opera honors the history of DC while uplifting the voices of Black Opera singers living in the DMV. In addition, it offers encouragement, support, and joy to the residents of DC.

This hybrid and COVID-19 safe recital would involve four (DMV) Black women opera singers performing classical music for DC residents. The recital would take place at Redeemer Presbyterian Church, USA as it is the staple in Black classical music education in DC and it represents an underrepresented area for cultural arts. This area highlights the most significant space of Black classical music creation. This awesome project not only supports resident performers, but it gives the history of the District and uplifts several marginalized communities.

At this location, the performers will be honoring the lives of DC-based opera singers: Lillian Evanti, Myra Merritt, Harolyn Blackwell, Denyce Graves and Charlotte Wesley Holloman. The concert would last 60-75 minutes and share the music that the honoree would have been performing during their time. This gives residents both the history of DC and the beauty of music. DC Residents will walk away from these programs more joyful, more engaged with the community, and more informed about the greatest of the city.

The program will also have a digital component. Audience members will have the opportunity to scan a code and review digital materials on our Black opera performances. DC Black Women in Opera project meets all the requirements for being an awesome project because it helps the District, encourages the residents, and uplifts the voices of our history. Recording will take place allowing for future education on DC Black classical musicians.

Fondos becados por Washington, DC (January 2021)