Sexton Avenue Community Allotment Garden

Sexton Avenue Community Allotment Garden CIC , is situated in Parr St Helens Merseyside , the site is just over half a acre in size ,one third of it is raised growing veg beds and second third is a grassed garden area with flower beds and the third section is a carpark area with a large block garage , quite a large area , but the garden has been closed for 11 to 12 years , so a few like minded friends decided to open the place up again , with a lot of local community support and community groups with the same interest , ie St Helens Autisum and Asperger Society , St Helens Community Adult Learning, St Helens Youth Justice Service, Parr mothers and toddlers group and many more , we aim to create a community hub were all community groups alike can come and enjoy our garden

Fondos becados por Liverpool (November 2020)