O;se Kenhionhata:tie Respect Our Sacred Space Zine

O:se Kenhionhata:tie Land Back camp was set up in Victoria Park park for the summer of 2020 before moving to Waterloo Park for the winter. My goal is to create a Zine to educate about the camp and its purpose both for settlers and Indigenous youth. Along with amplifying the art and written works done by the Indigenous youth and others that participated. It would talk to the individuals that participated and continue to stand for the continuation of this created safe space. These voices are often lost and I wish to showcase them. The project will become a zine both in print and digital in hopes of reaching as many people as possible.
The camp provides a safe space for Two Spirit, Indigequeer, LGBTQI+ Indigenous individuals and youth. My want is for people to see its importance and the work that it is doing in anti racism and community building.
The photos that have been provided of the project is the very first printed mock up. The real thing would be in colour and approximately 25 pages long.

Fondos becados por Kitchener-Waterloo (November 2020)