Radio Buena Vida

Radio Buena Vida is a community internet radio station which will be launching on Wednesday 28th of this month and which will start initially as a pop-up in the window of Some Great Reward record cafe in Glasgow's south side. The station will be broadcasting across the globe.

We aim to bring in established DJ's from each of Glasgow's rich and diverse music scenes as well as encourage emerging talent and record collectors to get in touch with us via the show submission form on our website to host their own shows.

The station will focus on non-commercial music and encourage interviews and chat on topics including music and social issues.

We'll also be looking to collaborate with local charities and community groups in the form of workshops and shows to ensure the voices and music of all communities are welcomed and heard, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or disability.

Inclusivity and diversity will sit at the heart of every aspect of the Buena Vida project.

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